The creation of Huilerie La Tourangelle - formerly known as Huilerie Croix Verte - dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Mr. Morillon and Mr. Bechet founded a small artisanal horse-drawn mill to produce walnut oil in the small town of Saumur (which we find the castle on our logo!).

At the time, the Loire was lined with artisanal mills that toasted and extracted oil from nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, olives and other fruits and seeds harvested by local farmers. Tourangelle is one of the few oil mills to continue this tradition. During the next century and a half, the company perfected its production processes and acquired technologies that were always respectful of its historical know-how.

A family business, Huilerie Croix Verte is now owned by the Kohlmeyer family, which, driven by a passion for quality oils and entrepreneurship, has been the main driver of its tremendous development. It is Heinz Kohlmeyer, the father, who, since the beginning of the 90 years has been able to transform the oil mill into a dynamic company meeting the strictest quality criteria with a worldwide distribution.

La Tourangelle is developing on the international scene, driven by the recognition that is shown by the awards it receives and its passion to develop specialty oils.

In 2002, the youngest of the family, Matthieu, is heading to California with the desire to recreate the family oil mill. Tourangelle has thus succeeded in establishing itself as the leading brand of specialty oils in the United States and Canada.

In 2006, Tourangelle sees the arrival of a second brother Kohlmeyer, Maxime, who, aged 25 years and his diploma of agricultural engineer in pocket, takes control of the French production to meet the demands of a market in full blast in France and in the world.

Today, La Tourangelle remains a flourishing family business that has mastered the art of oil thanks to the passion, integrity and pride that animate it.