What does La Tourangelle mean?

Heinz Kohlmeyer bought at the beginning of the 90 years, two centenary mills one in Bourgueil and another in Saumur. The name of La Tourangelle comes from the mill Bourgueil located in Touraine. Today, this name is both that of our brand and that of our company.

How should I keep La Tourangelle oils?

After opening, we advise you to keep most of our oils and vinaigrettes in the refrigerator. It is best to keep Olive, Coconut, Avocado-Coconut and Avocado oils in a dry place away from heat without putting them in the fridge. Indeed, the cold generates a partial solidification of these oils.

What oil can I use for frying?

Some oils are particularly suitable for frying: We recommend using our Grape Seed, Avocado, Wok Thai, Coconut or Avocado-Coco oils that are ideal for high temperature cooking.

Are Tourangelle oils gluten-free?

Our oils do not contain gluten. Gluten is present in our Sesame-Soy vinaigrette and potentially in traces in our other vinaigrettes.

What is the shelf life of La Tourangelle oils?

Before Opening After opening
Almond oil
Avocado Oil
Piccante Oil
Organic Coconut Virgin Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Nuts oil
Pistachio oil
Rapeseed oil
Virgin Oil of Argan
Virgin Oil of Sesame
Nut OilCheese Seed Oil
24 months 6 months
Extra virgin olive oil
Oil infused with Garlic
Oil infused with Thyme and Rosemary
Oil infused with Basil
Wok Oil ThaiHemp Virgin Olive Oil
18 months 6 months
Linen virgin oil 9 months 3 months

Our vinaigrettes: 12 months before opening, and 1 months after opening.

Do La Tourangelle oils have a use-by date? Is it serious if I consume the oil when the date is exceeded?

Our products are subject to a Minimum Durability Date (MSD) printed in black on the cap.

These dates are indicative dates and the products can quite be consumable and tasteful.

Until the date indicated on the packaging our products retain all their taste and nutritional qualities. Once the date has passed, they are always consumable but may show a decrease in organoleptic intensity depending on the quality of their conservation.

Can I use La Tourangelle oils for pastry?

Of course ! Just replace some of the fat in the recipe with the same amount of oil.

Discover all our tips to use our oils in pastry in the "recipes" tab of our site!

My coconut oil is liquid. It was solid when I bought it, does it pose a problem to consume it?

Virgin Coconut Oil is liquid above 25 ° C. Liquid as solid, it is just as good.

When kept at low temperature, our coconut mango dressing has a thicker texture due to the presence of coconut oil in the recipe.

Can I give walnut oil to my children?

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates the introduction of walnut oil into the diet of children to help the development of their brain.

Unless your doctor specifically contraindications, all our products can be consumed by children.

Are La Tourangelle packaging recyclable?

All our packaging is recyclable. Be careful to respect the sorting instructions.

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