Passing on know-how

Virgin oil of walnuts, an ancestral tradition in the Loire Valley

The production of taste oils is an ancestral French tradition. Originally, each village had a mill that toasted and extracted oil from nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, olives and other fruits and seeds harvested by farmers.

In the Loire Valley, this know-how has been applied to virgin walnut oil, due to a strong presence of walnuts in the region.

Tourangelle is one of the few remaining oil mills that has perpetuated, for more than a hundred years, this heritage in Saumur (in the Loire Valley). Family business, passionate and proud of its know-how, La Tourangelle relies on authenticity and innovation, pillars of its development.

Discover how the virgin walnut oil is extracted, emblematic product of our House.

Selection of fruits

After harvesting, the nuts are washed, sorted, dried and then broken. Originally, all our nuts came from the region, the specialization of the Loire Valley in the vine then reduced the production of walnut. Today our nuts come from different regions of France and Eastern Europe.

Manual toasting of walnuts

Once selected, the kernels are crushed and then toasted in cast iron pans. Key stage to obtain a very high quality oil, the toastage comes from a unique know-how, proof of the mastery of our master millers. Indeed, if the simple pressing of unroasted nuts gives an oil that lacks character, the use of perfectly toasted nuts allows to obtain an oil that retains all its natural flavors.

Mechanical pressure

Developing an exceptional oil is as much about art as it is about science. To extract patiently and mechanically the best nuts, we use a mechanical press: this is how nature reveals the best of itself.


In order to obtain a perfectly clear oil, then comes the filtration step. We use paper filters in an eco-responsible way.

The cake

The residue of pressed walnuts, like large gourmet cakes, is called "cake". Since the beginning, it is used to feed the cattle around.

We use this technique to produce all our virgin nut oils (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds). From the selection of fruits to the final filtration of the oil, toastage and pressing, every detail counts. At La Tourangelle, we are proud to offer you the best, without concession.

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