My Coco Duo Gift Set

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Gourmet gift idea!

Our "Duo Coco" box is the perfect gift for all Coconut lovers! 

100% organic, these oils are ideal for combining gustatory pleasure and physical well-being.

For cooking, use our virgin coconut oil instead of butter to enhance all your recipes and enjoy the intense taste of Avocado combined with the creamy texture of Coconut with our Avocado-Coconut oil.

In cosmetics, these oils can be used as a mask to nourish the hair and skin but also as a natural make-up remover. Close your eyes and go on a journey!

Goût :

Température :
A froid, au four, en cuisson à feu doux ou modéré.

Utilisation :
, Cuisson
, Desserts


Ideal for everyday cooking!

Smooth texture and intense taste.

Cosmetic use: skin, hair, massage.

Gift set containing 2 glass jars of 314ml.

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