Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Delicate Taste (750ml)

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate Taste

All our olive oils are made from olives matured at high altitude in a regional natural park in the heart of Andalusia.

The olives are harvested the same day and are cold pressed to preserve all their antioxidants. Our olive oils are made according to a traditional and ancestral know-how that respects the fruit in order to preserve all its gustatory and nutritional properties.

The late harvest in the season gives Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil its delicate taste. Let yourself be seduced by its softness and roundness in the mouth.

It is perfect for everyday cooking.

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The time of the olive harvest, whether early or late, or the mixture of Picual and Aberquina varieties, give each of our oils a specific flavour. Three different taste profiles to satisfy all palates and vary recipes.

750ml tin can.

Ideal with fine fish, poultry and vegetables.

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