Join us in our quest for exceptional taste and traditional excellence

From our headquarters in Allonnes to our production facilities in St Hilaire St Florent to our offices in Tours, we are growing in every way - organising our team, building our culture and developing our products.


What we stand for

Courage: Take initiative, push your limits and advance your ideas. Believe in your ability to make an impact.

Integrity: This is the core of trust, honesty and doing what is right.

Curiosity: Always learn and grow. Take the initiative to master your craft.

Accountability: Own your work, support your decisions, support your teams.

Compassion: Be kind and respectful and put the needs of others before your own.

Humility: Be approachable, respect each other and work together.

Parity: We believe it is important to offer equal opportunities to men and women in all areas, especially employment.


Current Research

Join us in sharing our passion for providing the world with the best and most nutritious natural food products by combining innovation with traditional excellence.


Allonnes, 49 or Tours, 37

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