Garlic Infused Oil (250ml)

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Strong notes of fresh garlic

Made from an infusion of fresh garlic, our Garlic Infused Oil gives a delicious flavour to your leg of lamb, homemade purées, mashed potatoes, grilled or pan-fried vegetables in all seasons.

An essential oil for all garlic lovers!

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A unique recipe:

To make this oil, we use sunflower oil (which is neutral in taste and can be used in many ways in the kitchen) in which we macerate fresh garlic cloves for a long time to give it that delicious, intense taste. 

An easy-to-use oil:

Flavour your dishes, legs of lamb, purées and vegetables with a tasty hint of garlic in all seasons. You will be surprised to find the power and freshness of garlic at home at any time, as if you had prepared it yourself!

It can be used cold or at medium heat.

An oil to be discovered:

Treat your friends and family to this delicious oil with its unique taste. Find it in our "infused oils" gift box alongside the Basil infused oil and the Thyme & Rosemary infused oil.

250ml tin can.

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