Grapeseed Oil (750ml)

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A multi-use oil

Perfect for high temperature cooking: 

  • ✓ It is suitable for fondues, frying, woks, frying
  • ✓ Can be adapted to all your everyday recipes
  • ✓ Can also be used cold for vinaigrettes, homemade mayonnaises and marinades
  • ✓ Neutral taste to suit all recipes
Goût :

Température :


Utilisation :
, Friture


Discover the many benefits of grape seed oil:

Thanks to its high smoke point, grape seed oil is perfectly suited for high-temperature cooking (pan-frying, frying and fondue).

Its neutral taste and remarkable stability allow all the flavours of your dishes to be respected and make this oil an indispensable part of everyday cooking.

One oil for many recipes:

Use it to prepare delicious vinaigrettes, marinades and homemade mayonnaises as well as fondues, frying, woks and frying pans.

750ml tin can.

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