Sunflower oil with Black Truffle natural aroma (250ml)

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Rediscover the unique taste of the Black Truffle and give an exceptional note to your festive dishes!

Savour the sweetness of the Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) thanks to our unique recipewithout artificial aroma, derived from our know-how. 

You can use it cold or moderate heat.

We advise it for your: 

  • - Feuilletés
  • - Raviolis
  • - Omelettes & scrambled eggs
  • - Fish
  • - Game & poultry
  • - Fillet on a salad
  • - It is also ideal for enhancing your Italian recipes: risottos and pasta

Add a gourmet touch to all your festive dishes!

See below to discover 2 exclusive and tasty recipes made with this precious oil: poached eggs & the mushroom risotto.

Goût :

Utilisation :
, Cuisson


125ml tin can.

"Natural aroma of truffle" means that the aroma comes from real truffles that are all from Europe (Italy and Carpathian basin) for the White Truffle Tuber Magnatum.

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