Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (314ml)

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100% organic, first cold pressed, La Tourangelle Virgin Coconut Oil is both fresh and tasty.

Discover its creamy texture and intense coconut taste.

It is ideal for cooking and cosmetics: use it to give a sweet exotic fragrance to your recipes and in the bathroom, use it to nourish your hair and skin.

It's simple, Coconut oil can do everything!

For recipe ideas, see below!

Discover also: Organic Avocado & Coconut oil!

Goût :

Utilisation :
, Cuisson
, Desserts


Quality oil

Our Organic Coconut Oil comes from the Philippines and is 100% Organic. It is extracted from the Coconut pulp within four days of harvesting, thus ensuring its incomparable freshness.

One oil for 1001 recipes

Savoury recipes

Our organic Coconut oil is ideal for cooking your meats and vegetables, making your baked chicken and woks and all your exotic dishes.

Sweet recipes

Try it in your simple and tasty pastries by replacing some of the butter in your usual recipe with our oil.

Multiple formats for multiple uses

Our Organic Coconut Oil is available in 314ml format and also in 610ml format for all coconut fans!

Discover also La Tourangelle Organic Avocado-Coconut oil which combines the texture of Coconut and the taste of Avocado.

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