Refined Organic Coconut Oil (314ml)

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All the benefits of Coconut Oil without the smell!

Oil made from Organic Coconuts gently pressed and refined to obtain an exceptional odourless and neutral tasting oil.

Deodorised Organic Coconut Oil can be used at medium and high temperatures and is a perfect substitute for butter in all sweet and savoury dishes.

It is also ideal for homemade cosmetic treatments with its natural properties to moisturise the skin and hair.

Coconut oil solidifies below 25°C and liquefies as soon as it is heated.

Goût :

, Neutre

Température :


Utilisation :
, Cuisson
, Desserts


Smelless and neutral taste oil
✓ A versatile oil that withstands high heat and easily replaces butter in baking
✓ Ideal for making homemade cosmetic treatments

Ideal for woks, meats, vegetables and fried foods, as a substitute for butter in pastries and in cosmetics: for skin and hair.

Deodorised Coconut Oil is also called Copra Oil. Like Virgin Coconut Oil, Deodorised Coconut Oil is derived from the pulp of the coconut. Virgin oil is derived from the fresh pulp and deodorised oil is derived from the dried pulp.

314ml glass jar.

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