Virgin oil vs standard oil: which oil to use for which dish?

Vegetable oils add a touch of soul to our dishes! A drizzle of well-chosen oil, and our salads and cakes become a real treat. Here's a quick summary of the oils and their use, in seasoning or cooking.


Virgin oils for seasoning

When we prepare a mixed salad, ceviche, carpaccio or gazpacho, we tend to use the same seasoning: salt, pepper and a dash of oil. What if we changed our habits a little to enjoy them even more?

In addition to the traditional extra virgin Olive oil, there are a multitude of virgin oils to use to vary the pleasures and make our cold preparations absolutely unique! Virgin Walnut oil, virgin Sesame oil , virgin Hazelnut Oil… Virgin oils stand out because of their extremely tasty flavour, which makes all starters come alive in no time!

The fruits used for their production are carefully selected: only the best are kept to ensure an intense flavour. The extraction is done cold, mechanically, which allows us to preserve a very high quality of oil. The best for a perfect seasoning!

3 seasoning ideas that change

With virgin Walnut Oil : it can be enjoyed in the form of a vinaigrette, combined with mild vinegars such as cider vinegar to bring out its delicious and delicately scented flavour. In winter, it is often poured over a salad of endives, apples, figs and walnuts. During the summer, it is the best ally for aperitifs! Imbibed on toast, it goes wonderfully with a cheese and charcuterie platter.

With virgin Sesame oil : mixed with a few drops of olive oil, it works wonders on a scallop carpaccio or a salmon tartar. Surprisingly, it can also be used in a sweet version to add a touch of boldness to fruit salads. Deliciously original!

With virgin Hazelnut Oil : thanks to its fruity flavour, it is perfect in any season to flavour a parsnip soup or a carrot gazpacho. It can be drizzled at the last minute, just before dinner, to delight all your guests!

Standard cooking oils

Virgin oils are not meant to be heated. So for cooking, we fall back on standard oils without hesitation! There are dozens of them: Avocado oil, l’Almond Oil, les Infused Oils… The advantage of standard oils is that they allow you to use fruits that have quality differences. With them, no waste, we don't throw anything away and we use everything that nature offers us!

In terms of production, they are extracted by mechanical pressure and then heated. This allows them to regain their flavour, while preserving their nutritional qualities (omega-3, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.). In cakes, pies, or heated in a frying pan over low heat, they are simply amazing! Some oils can even be used for frying, such as Grapeseed oil.

3 idées de cuisson qui changent

With Grapeseed oil : thanks to its high smoke point, it retains its benefits even when heated to high temperatures. So we take advantage of it and use it to prepare a vegetable or shrimp tempura.

With Rosemary & Thyme Infused Oil  : at La Tourangelle, we also offer infused oils for unique and original recipes. Our Thyme & Rosemary Infused Oil, which won an award at the International Taste Oil Competition, is perfect for roasting vegetables in the oven and adding a good taste of the South to your plate!

With Pistachio oil : Pistachio oil is an excellent alternative to butter in pastry making. A few drops in a chocolate cake or an apple cake, and gourmets are sure to be delighted!